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Safety Bed Rails

Safety Bed Rails

Safety Bed Rails (also known as safety sides, side rails and bed guards) can dramatically reduce the chances in a fall from bed -
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Assist Bed Rails

Assist Bed Rails

Assist bed rails, while helping to ensure a safe sleep in bed, primarily provide a sturdy handle for those who need a little help maintaining balance while getting in and out of bed -
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Bed Rails for Hospital and Adjustable Beds

Bed Rails for Hospital and Adjustable Beds

Bed Rails for hopsital and electric adjustable home beds are designed to telescope with the movement of the bed as it adjusts up or down.
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Bedrail Accessories

Bedrail Accessories

A wide range of bedrail accessories and other bedding supplies.
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The Importance of Bedrails

Accidental falls are a leading cause of injury to the elderly, even among people who may be generally healthy and fit. Doctors caution patients who are taking many popular prescription medicines that rapidly getting out of bed for a trip to the bathroom may result in light-headedness, even fainting. A fall from bed can have disastrous consequences for an elderly or infirm patient, resulting in injuries, including broken bones. A broken hip in particular often leads to a steady decline in overall health and the need for nursing home or hospital care.

The home medical supply industry has developed a number of bed rail alternatives and guidelines for their safe use. There are a variety of designs made to suit virtually every need, like double-side bed rails, assist bed rails and hospital bed rails. Choosing the correct type of bed rail is very important. For instance, grab handles, designed for getting in and out of bed or shifting position, should never be used as a bed rail. The improper use of bed rails may mean further risk of injury or even death due to entrapment in the bars. Some conditions including dementia or Parkinson’s may put a person at even further risk. Additionally, the correct construction, fit and installation of the bedrail is equally important as is the use of bumpers and mattress overlays.

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