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Assist Bed Rails

Assist bed rails, while helping to ensure a safe sleep in bed, primarily provide a sturdy handle for those who need a little help maintaining balance while getting in and out of bed. Assist bed rails will rarely prevent a person from leaving a bed and should not be the choice when restraint is necessary due to infirmity or the effects of medications. Because the assist bed rail is securely attached to the floor or bed frame, it allows for one’s weight to be strongly supported by the floor, not a soft mattress; the same principle offers a steady pivot point for increased and safe in-bed mobility when a caregiver is not present. Assist bed rails, typically a third the length of full sized bed rails, often give the user a better sense of independence.

Bed Rails for Seniors

These rails are usually adjustable to accommodate any stature, often very portable, lock when in use, yet pivot out or downward easily, and many manufacturers incorporate pockets for storage of personal care items, glasses, cell phones and medicine. Just having the ability to grab an assist rail in a darkened room can serve as a reassuring reminder of where the edge of the bed actually is. If there is a low risk of falling out of bed and the aim is to maintain independence and to provide stability when getting in and out of bed, assist rails are a great device.

Great for travel and home! This incredibly lightweight yet strong adult bed rail includes a travel carrying case.
Your Price: $69.99
Adjustable-height, removable home bed assist rail by Drive Medical. No-slip foam grips. Easy, tool-free assembly.
On Sale: $39.99 (You save: $13.33)
The perfect helping hand for getting in and out of bed. Side bed rail assist.
On Sale: $49.99 (You save: $12.50)
Assist Bed Rail by Drive Medical for assistance getting into and out of bed. Includes a safety strap and cross bar.
Your Price: $59.99
This highly portable bed rail fits in a suitcase to go wherever you do.
On Sale: $79.99 (You save: $26.66)
Two legs extend to the floor for extra stability and attached arm assists getting into & out of bed. Height adjustable.
Your Price: $99.99
Bed Rail & Cane Organizer by Standers Inc. makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
Your Price: $79.99
The most portable bed rail on the market! Lightweight - weighs only 7 lbs. Fits in most suitcases. Requires no assembly.
On Sale: $77.99 (You save: $26.00)
Assist bed rail by Drive Medical. Bolts right to the frame and has four sturdy legs for extra strength & stability.
Your Price: $107.99
Four bar design bed rail. 19 inches high and 37 inches long.
Your Price: $99.99
Extra strength bed rails for bariatric patients. 15 inches x 28.75 inches.
Your Price: $79.99
The Beside Mighty Rail makes it easy to get in-out-of-bed wherever you go with a lightweight design that supports up to 300 lbs!
On Sale: $49.99 (You save: $4.00)
The Auto Assist Handle makes it easier to get in-and-out of the car.
Your Price: $24.99
The Safety Handle & Pouch makes it easy to get in-and-out of bed.
Your Price: $66.99
The Bedside Sturdy Rail has legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing.
On Sale: $74.99 (You save: $21.43)
The Bedside Extend-A-Rail allows you to adjust the length of your bed rail while you are in bed. Simple push a button and extend it to 30" for fall prevention.
Your Price: $94.99
Assistance for getting in and out of home-style bed.
Your Price: $69.99
Adjustable height assist style bed rail with comfortable foam grip. Easy to assemble; no tools required.
Your Price: $59.99
Adjustable height bed side rail by Bed Handles, Inc. A 4-piece bed handrail that assembles easily using snap-buttons.
On Sale: $74.99 (You save: $25.00)
Eases home bed transfers, helps prevent falls and injuries, improves in-bed mobility and assists with standing and balancing.
Your Price: $74.99
Bolt-on transfer handle bed rail by MTS. For spring based hospital beds. Attaches directly to the bed frame.
Your Price: $74.99
Leg extenders for use on thick/tall mattresses (8 to 12 inch) with the Smart-Railâ„¢. Adjust rail height from 30 to 35 inches.
On Sale: $54.99 (You save: $18.33)
Smart-Railâ„¢ bed rail can unlock and pivot outward. Provides better standing and transferring support for getting in and out of bed.
On Sale: $139.99 (You save: $46.66)
Reversible Slant Rail for Home Beds provides secure assistance.
Your Price: $94.99
Home Bed Support Rail by Carex installs without tools! Adjustable in height and width (bed side length).
Your Price: $89.99
AbleRise Bed Assist has a roomy pocket for use as a convenient storage area while providing support for getting in and out of bed.
Your Price: $149.99
The Assista-Rail bedrail is a quarter length bed guard rail that allows for a fixed cane to be added as needs change.
Your Price: $114.99
Transfer Handle for Electric Bed for Craftmatic electric style home adjustable bed.
Your Price: $211.99
SafetySure Bed Pull-Up assists in rising out of bed.
Your Price: $59.99
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