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Safety Bed Rails

A recent governmental report has concluded that of the nearly 33 million Americans  each year who require medical attention for injuries, the most common cause of those injuries was the result of a fall, and most falls occur at home. For the elderly, a fall from bed and the potentially catastrophic injuries can result in a progressive downward spiral in overall health and independence. To prevent such mishaps, caregivers should carefully consider the use of safety bed rails (also known as safety sides, side rails and bed guards) for patients who due to physical disabilities, or the use of certain medications, have lost the ability to protect themselves from falling or rolling out of bed. In addition to providing a secure sleeping environment, most full or half length safety bed rails can also aid the user in sitting up or shifting position in bed without help. Safety bed rails further reduce the risk of falling if the bed needs to be moved.

Bed Rails for Seniors

Safety bed rails are often designed to be collapsible; spring loaded releases (only the caregiver can operate these) pivot downward for ease getting in and out of bed or for changing sheets. Steel frames provide strength and durability. Although designed to fit a wide range of bed sizes, it is very important to consider the type of bed, mattress and the patient’s individual needs and risk factors before choosing safety bed rails as correct fitting and use is essential.

These adjustable length rails fit Twin, Full ,Queen and California King size home beds with the extender included and easily adjust up/down with a spring-loaded release. Pair of 2 (double sided)
On Sale: $99.99 (You save: $33.33)
Two legs extend to the floor for extra stability and attached arm assists getting into & out of bed. Height adjustable.
Your Price: $99.99
This side bed rail from Stander easily adjusts in length with the push of a button and folds down. Quick & easy assembly.
On Sale: $99.99 (You save: $33.33)
30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Stander. Metal bed rails that are easy to fold down and out of the way.
On Sale: $94.99 (You save: $31.66)
30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Stander, Inc. that has a convenient pouch. Easily folds down and out of the way.
Your Price: $114.99
The most portable bed rail on the market! Lightweight - weighs only 7 lbs. Fits in most suitcases. Requires no assembly.
On Sale: $77.99 (You save: $26.00)
Full Bed Rails by CAREX - Home Style, Chrome-plated Steel (Pair of 2)
Your Price: $169.99
These Single or Double bedrails help keep individuals in bed and reduce the risk of injury from falls.
Your Price: $94.99
The Independence Bed Table rotates 360 degrees to keep all of your important items within convenient reach.
Your Price: $159.99
Assistance for getting in and out of home-style bed.
Your Price: $69.99
Bed Rails For Electric Home Beds provide the same benefits as regular bed rails for electric beds.
Your Price: $111.99
These comfortable and attractive sheepskin bed rail pads increase comfort and protect against rail entrapment. (Pair of 2)
Your Price: $74.99
This bed rail telescopes with movement of the bed to provide adequate support.
Your Price: $74.99
The half length T style bed rails by Drive Medical offer ideal maximum protection without confining the patient.
Your Price: $87.99
A unique design saves you from worry on this no-gap deluxe half length side bed rail by Drive Medical.
Your Price: $84.99
Small, stable form factor bed rail.
Your Price: $79.99
Invacare transfer handle bedrail for pan based hospital beds
Your Price: $99.99
Bed assist rail attached to bed board.
Your Price: $109.99
The Safety Handle & Pouch makes it easy to get in-and-out of bed.
Your Price: $66.99
Single or Double Bed Rails help keep individuals in bed and reduce the risk of injury from falls.
On Sale: $99.99 (You save: $33.33)
The Bedside Sturdy Rail has legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing.
On Sale: $74.99 (You save: $21.43)
The Bedside Extend-A-Rail allows you to adjust the length of your bed rail while you are in bed. Simple push a button and extend it to 30" for fall prevention.
Your Price: $94.99
Reversible Slant Rail for Home Beds provides secure assistance.
Your Price: $94.99
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